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Category: Entrepreneurship Summit, Job Fair
Audience: Students, Corporates, Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship Summit is the annual flagship event of eCell MSIT which includes conclave, competitions, internship and job fair. This year, we have come up with theme 'Upgrading to Upstand' which aims to highlight the importance of upgradation of resources and skills to sustain in this challenging world. Guest speakers are from vivid backgrounds that have got priceless knowledge to share through their experiences.

Start Date - End Date

Mar 10th, 2018 - Mar 11th, 2018

Start Time - End Time

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Event Location

Auditorium, MSIT


150-250 (for students)


President, eCell MSIT





Nitin (NEO) Sharma

Facilitator & Firewalk Coach

Popularly known for his Motivational & Goal Setting Seminars, Leadership Programs and Innovation workshops for numerous global brands. He has been a Keynote speaker at leading institutions like IITs.

Ankit Prasad

Founder & CEO, Bobble Keyboard

At the age of 24 (March 2015), Ankit Prasad founded Bobble Keyboard. Ankit has a ferocious appetite for risk-taking and pursues objectives with relentless resourcefulness.

Farheen Ahmad

Co-founder & Director, CRON Systems

Her venture, CRON Systems, develops IoT based Intrusion detection systems. She’s also the founder of InternetOfCrypto, online platform to learn,invest and track cryptocurrencies in India.

Himanshu Batra

Founder & CEO, Acadview

After working for more that 5 years at Google, California, he founded an Ed Tech venture with a focus on empowerment of educational institutions and students via digitisation and automation (EAD).

Rahul Kaushik

Poet & Owner, The Melting Words

The Melting Words is a dream on screen, a dream that he has slept with for 5 years, and a dream that now he wants to live.

Manjeet Singh

Co-founder, Buddy4Study

Manjeet has been rewarded with the coveted ‘Youngest Corporate Consultant’ by IBM and ‘Best Technology Consultant’ by Oracle. 

Manish K Tyagi

TEDx Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Manish used to be a Commander in the Indian Navy before he decided to become a publice speaker. An Officer and a Gentleman, he has some very funny tales to tell from his life experience.